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Ramsey Ali

Slate Asset Management (Canada) L.P.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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A lawyer since 2013

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Slate Asset Management (Canada) L.P.
121 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 3T9
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Ramsey plays a multifaceted role at Slate Asset Management, where his expertise spans various critical functions. Within the organization, he holds the position of Partner and serves as the General Counsel, a testament to his pivotal role in legal and strategic domains. His responsibilities extend across Slate's Investment Committee and Management Committee, illustrating his broad influence over the firm's operations and decision-making processes. Furthermore, Ramsey's legal acumen benefits not just Slate Asset Management but also extends to specific entities such as Slate Grocery REIT and Slate Office REIT, where he also assumes the role of General Counsel.

His contributions are vital to shaping Slate's business strategy, where he leads in the legal, business, and tax structuring aspects of the firm's investments. Ramsey's involvement is crucial in transaction execution, where his guidance ensures that operations and transactions adhere to legal and business norms. This role includes dispensing general legal and business advice, underpinning the firm's transactional and operational integrity.

Before his tenure at Slate, Ramsey honed his legal expertise in commercial real estate at Goodmans LLP, showcasing his foundational skills in a demanding sector. His journey also includes a significant tenure as General Counsel at Forum Equity Partners, where he contributed to the private alternative investment management firm's legal strategy. This diverse background underscores Ramsey's versatile legal prowess and deep understanding of the real estate investment landscape.

Educationally, Ramsey's credentials are equally impressive, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph, complemented by a Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Toronto. These qualifications not only highlight his legal proficiency but also his understanding of commerce and business, forming a solid foundation for his roles in legal and strategic advising within the real estate investment sector.


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